Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Is It Worth It To Stock Up?

If you've ever seen my basement storage room you would see piles of diapers, baby food, toothpaste, razors, soaps,toothpaste and the list goes on. Why? There are certain times of the year that products get to unbelieveable low prices and at that point you should stock up because when you need that product chances are the prices are going to be as low as they once were. You will end up spending a lot more in the long run if you wait to make these purchases. But how do you do this on a limited budget? I have been blessed to be married to an accountant who takes our budget very serious. Every month I am presented with the monthly budget which includes necessary purchases of the month (for example tires for the car or wood for the fireplace) as well as shopping budgets, gas budgets, etc. My goal is always to stay within those budgets and stock up on what I can. There is no need to break your budget and being struggling now to stock up on things you will use down the line. So if I go to the grocery store and spend $100 but my budget is $150 you can bet I'm going to spend the next day figuring out if there is something worth stocking up on that week. WARNING: Don't stock up on things that are a super low price that you will never use! Be sure you are getting things you need and will use! How do you know what is a good deal? Everybodys version of a good deal is different and you need to figure out your own price point. For me, I won't pay more then .50 for shampoo, or $5.00 for a small pack of diapers, and I never pay for toothpaste (EVER!). So when these items get to these prices it is time for me to stock up. But my price point doesn't have to be yours, maybe you can do better or maybe you don't mind spending a little more. Make up your mind and when you see something reach that point or lower, STOCK UP as much as you can! You will reap the benefits in the long run.

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