Monday, September 20, 2010

Picture People Deal

Currently Picture People is offering a great deal on pictures (and they take the cutest pictures). $9 for 6 portrait sheets (size 10 x 13 or smaller) of the same pose - thats a 91% savings - WOW! Picture People doesn't let you combine coupons so if you choose to use this coupon you won't be able to use any others. This coupon is good till October 31st so I think I'm going to take the kids for a Halloween picture or maybe I should take C Man for his 6 month pictures. Oh the options. The hardest thing is going to be picking just one pose. Here is the coupon - print it and take it with you.


  1. Lauren, where is Picture People around here? My MIL is making Malaya & Anna matching halloween jumpers and boy would it be cute to get them together. I'm pretty sure the coupon says for individual or family, right? Thanks for the post! Also, I saw a vista print coupon for a free picture calandar. I really like their site because things are often free and you only have to pay shipping. LMK if you want me to look up the info

  2. Ross Park Mall and I've used vista a couple different times as well. they are great. i've got to get working on a calender for xmas for the mom since she whined for a month last year when i didn't get her one. mom if you are reading this - i love you! :)

  3. oh and yes it is for individuals or families so you should be good to use it for the girls