Monday, September 20, 2010

Kandoo Pampers Coupon in Sundays Newspaper

Do you need something to look forward to this weekend?

Well if you are potty training what could be better then a Kandoo coupon for $1 off any of there products in this Sundays paper!!

Have you tried out Kandoo wipes with your little potty trainer? If not you should, they are great! Kids love using them themself and they have a similar texture/feel to wipes so they do a great job at cleaning.

Another great product is the Kandoo soap! M girl is in love with it - we have had both the green and purple ones. M girl loves the colors and smells. I love that you can tell where she has soap on her hands and that she is excited about washing her hands.

I will keep my eye out for some great deals with this coupon in the near future but just wanted to give you all a heads up about the coupon in the paper this Sunday!

Be sure to get your newspaper! I'm going to convince the hubby that this is the perfect week for multiple newspaper purchases!


  1. We love Kandoos! :-) A month or two ago GE had them on sale and I had a coupon - I don't remember the exact deal, but it ended up being cheaper than Cottonelle.

  2. Oh, but, one more note about them. The only thing I don't like about the Kandoo wipes is that when you pop the lid, the opening for the wipes is so big that if you or the lil ones leave the lid open (which you know happens all the time!) They tend to dry out fairly quickly. I wish the opening was more like the huggies or cottonelle wipes containers.