Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to School Clearance

Now is the time to keep your eyes open for back to school clearance. Don't have kids in school? Neither do I! But markers, crayons, paints, paper, stickers are things my toddler (and the rest of my older crew) love to use and abuse. So getting these things on the cheap is just the thing.

Last time I was at Target, which wasn't super recently so prices may now be lower, school supplies were at 50% (which was awhile ago so they maybe down to 75% off now). Prices do go down to 90% off if you aren't in need of something and just getting things for saving or presents or such.

But Target isn't the only place to look. Have you thought of looking at your grocery store for clearance?

Grocery stores often have seasonal sections and like all other stores they clearance what they don't sell.

Today I was able to get two tin boxes, one Abby Cadabby and one Disney Princess, for just $1.74 each at my grocery store. These are great for storing little toys in or crayons or anything small that often gets thrown around and misplaced. They did have a few other things but nothing I was interested in. Clearance is everywhere and they make great Xmas presents because only your wallet notices the difference!

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