Monday, January 31, 2011

Which to choose?

So Cman's invite features a picture on it and so for the last 3 days I've been organizing photo shoots in hopes of coming up with just the perfect picture.

And with a 10 month old....that just isn't happening.

So in lieu of the perfect picture I have to pick from the below pictures.

Which would you choose? I numbered them for easy reference and I honestly need your help. You know hubbies - they say does it really matter? And for all you camera gurus out there I have no idea how to get rid of shadows and such when forced to use the flash on these dreary winter days so I apologize. Without further delay, the photo options.








 Which would you choose honestly? Leave a comment and let me know!

Friday, January 28, 2011

How to have a birthday on a budget

Unbelievably CMan's 1st birthday is creeping up on me. With just about 2 months left to get all the details in order, I've been really working to have an adorable birthday on a budget.

So where to start.....

First I like to come up with a theme.....CMan is having a construction themed birthday based off one of his favorite toys:

So I started with finding decorations, invitations, and such on etsy. If you haven't heard of etsy before they are a site were individuals from all over the country sell their homemade products. I am in love with the DIY printable packages that many of the Etsy stores are offering. I found this shop called Dimple Prints which offers printable themed birthday packages ranging in price from $10 - $30 depending on the level of customization you would like to do. The packages include everything from invites to party hats and there are the most adorable themes. She has this adorable construction package:

CUSTOMIZED Printable Party Package...DIY Construction..Loads of Fun Includes PHOTO invite and Photo thank you... by DimplePrints
but of course being me, it didn't exactly match the colors I had in i sent her a message and guess what she is happy to work with me!

So now I have customized decorations just for CMan for a great price.

Next on to the tableware because prices on those add up fast. Since I have such customized decorations and accents I am going to take it easy on tableware and buy them from the dollar store in the colors I would like. You can't beat a dollar for a pack of plates (and they just get thrown away so are they really worth the $4 a pack?).

I also like to have goody bags for the kids so I try to shop this well in advance. I bought the little tool belts from Lowes for around 80 cents a bag. I then went to Oriental Trading Company and bought construction hats, bath tub tool squirters, and tool shaped bubbles. Make sure when you are shopping online you do two things 1. do a search on google for any online coupons - many sites have them for free shipping or a $ off if you buy a certain amount 2. see if Ebates offers a % back with your purchase (for oriental trading company it is 4%!)

Next you need to figure out food. I say call in your back ups on this one. In our family we usually provide the big food and a few sides and then ask that the rest of the family helps out with a side. For MGirl's luau last summer I even provided recipes so people could go with the theme. Ha ha ha! But if you don't have backups to call in, just remember to not go overboard and to shop the sales for a few months. You should be able to get snacks and food at a great price if you prepare ahead of time.

Last you will need a cake. You have lots of options for a cake so shop around. We are going with a great cake lady who will design the cake in any way we choose (and for a price I just can't beat)!

Carter's smash cake will be a small version of this:
dump truck thumbnail

and his big cake will look like this

bulldozer thumbnail
and for those who don't like cake we will throw in this dessert

Dump Truck Cake
brownies!! :)

I firmly believe you need to plan ahead to find the best savings! So get planning and you can have a fabulous party on a budget! 

Do you have any great savings tips for birthdays?? Or any great ideas for our construction themed party - please share!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easy Peazy Craft Project

So I was at JoAnns today looking for fabric for CMan's first birthday party.

As usual I got distracted and came across this

Princess fabric (they had lots of others like Dora, Tinkerbell, etc) that is already gathered at the top and finished at the bottom.

So I decided to go ahead a buy it to make MGirl an easy peazy dress. All I have to do is cut it to her size and sew the side seam. Seriously  could it be any easier??

I did buy this ribbon

to pair with it for shoulder straps. But that is another 5 minute job!

I am so excited for this easy adorable dress. And MGirl is so excited for a princess dress.

Do you have any easy peazy craft projects to share? I love to do them but time is always of the essence.

Amazon $5 Credit to Video on Demand

If you are a new customer to Amazon Video on Demand, you can head over here to get a Amazon $5 Video On Demand Credit.

Hubby and I used this the other night to rent a movie and it was great. A free date night at home - awesome in my eyes!

Lots of movies to pick from and easy as picking a movie and  ta da! Free date night!


Bath and Body Works Groupon

Today Groupon has an awesome deal on Bath and Body Works online.


You can buy either a groupon for $10 off $20 or $15 off $30 to be used at Bath and Body Works online.

Limited to one deal per person.

They are having lots of specials online right now like buy 3 get 2 free of the signature collection or 4 for $20 of the wallflowers.

Don't forget to go through Ebates to get 3% back of your purchase!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

$10 off $20 of Bausch & Lomb Products is offering 50% Bausch & Lomb Products (up to a $10 discount).

Spend $25 before the discount and get free shipping!!

Head over here.
Add items to your cart (for maximum discount $20 worth of stuff)
Select $5 in fillers
Use the code FBBL to take off $10

This code can not be combined with any other deal.

The saline solution goes for $4.50 for a single bottle at Rite Aid. Their double pack is $6 (so $3 after the coupon!).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CVS $10 gift card for $4

Head over here and you can snag a $10 CVS gift card for $5. Then use the code FRIEND20ZT5KXDEC  to take a $1 off.

Making a $10 CVS gift card just $4!!!

HURRY these are limited!

And while you are over at WeShop you can also checkout the William Sonoma $50 gift card for just $25!

Sorry friends

So friends....I've been pretty quiet lately and I do apologize.

My poor little Cman is sick yet again. Throwing up and such.

So since this has been an ongoing problem since November we are heading to the gastro specialist next week in hopes of figuring out what is wrong. It is possible that since he has a low blood cell count he is just unable to fight the many bugs that fly around between kiddos. Or it could be something more....

All in all I am currently spending my time cleaning up throwing up, forcing fluids and foods in the poor little guy and cleaning up more throw up.

Of course I am doing this with a 2 1/2 year old and 1 year old assistants.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Legos - Up to 70% off

Legos is having a big clearance sale with up to 70% off!

If you spend over $20 use code BR120 to take $5 off.

Shipping starts at $4.95!

Ziploc products is having a 50% off Ziploc sale (with a max discount of $10). Free shipping if you spend more then $25 (before the discount). 

Ziploc  Sandwich Bag, Value Pack-100 ctZiploc  Zip'N Steam™ Cooking Bags, Medium-10 ctZiploc  Pump for Vacuum Freezer System-1 ct

Head over here to see what items are included.

The best plan is to mix and match a couple items to get right about $25 - this will give you the maximum discount. Here are some ideas for you:

  • 1x Ziploc Pump for Vacuum Freezer System + 7x 8-count Vacuum Bags, Gallon Size $15.52 + free shipping

  • 5x 4-count Ziploc Big Bag, Extra Large Double Zipper Bag $15.95 + free shipping

  • 8x 13-count Ziploc Doubleguard Bag, Gallon Size $15.52 + free shipping

  • Use code FBZIPLOC at checkout.
    Don't forget to go through Ebates for 5.5% back from your purchase!

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Play Food Set

    If you got your little bug a kitchen over the holidays, why not fill it with some food?

    Walmart has the Step2 Play Food Set (101 pieces) for just $5!!

    A great price for a ton of food. If you ship it to the store it is free (or you can pay $1 to ship it to your house!)


    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    $20 Amazon Gift card for $10

    Amazon already has great deals so why not get a great deal on an Amazon gift card? This would be great to combine with one of the diaper deals for more CHEAP diapers!

    Head over to Living Social and you can buy a $20 gift card for just $10.

    This is sure to go fast so hurry over if you are interested!

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    Land's End Clearance

    Land's End has TONS of things on clearance. Lots of adorable things to be found at great prices. I'll point out a few of my favorite and then let you explore to see what you can find!

    13.99 little girl thermacheck 200 peacoat (many colors available!)

     6.98 Kid's All Weather Mocs

    13.99 Boys' Stormer Jacket

    Okay just a few small highlights but head over here to check out their extensive sales.

    Use the code shippingisfree and pin 5859 for free shipping.

    Don't forget to go through Ebates to earn 2% cash back!!

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Target - Baby Equipment

    If you are in need of any large baby equipment (strollers, pack n' play, highchair, baby gates, car seats, exersaucers, etc.), you should def. be running over to Target.

    They have their clearance baby equipment marked down 50%! I saw the sit n' stand for around $65. Boppies were $12. We got the safety 1st air protect convertible car seat originally $180 for just $90.

    And if you are looking for smaller baby stuff (clothes, blankets, shoes, bottles, baby toys, etc), they are going for 75% off. I got Carter two pairs of two piece pjs for $1.74 each and a 2 pack of Avent 9 oz. bottles for a little less then $4.

    So hurry over to Target if you are in need of some baby supplies!

    And yes I am pretty sure my hubby is about to ban me from Target with all the awesome steals I've been getting there lately! :)

    And the winner is....

    Time to announce the winner of the CSN giveaway!

    True Random Number Generator 17 Powered by RANDOM.ORG


    Congrats to the winner and hope you enjoy your $25 credit!

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    If you have...

    If you have previously signed up for Amazon mom, check your mail!!

    Today I received a code for $10 off a purchase in the baby store AND it can be stacked with the Parents/American Baby magazine 20% off codes which means...


    I broke down and did it....

    So I've heard a lot about clipping sites and until today had never used one. But I feel myself sliding deeper and deeper into the savings pool (not that this is a bad thing). And today I finally did it....

    I bought from a clipping site.

    I've been rummaging through 3 weeks of Rite Aid ads and am seeing some things I just can't pass up on. Like the Clear Care that my husband uses like water and costs on sale $8 a pop. Rite Aid is having a sale with $2 ups coming up AND there is a $3 coupon available. $3 for something we regularly use - I folded and bought 6 coupons for this product (that and a few other coupons like the $1 off any quaker oats which should make for free oatmeal).

    Have you used a clipping service? I'm thinking if I like it this could work for me as

    A. I hate cutting out coupons (strange I know but I really do and I only ever cut them out as I need them)
    B. I can get lots of multiples of the ones I will use instead of lots of ones I never use

    Whats your thoughts?

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    Disney Vitamins 4 for 9.58 is having a buy one get one free sale on tons of brands of vitamins. Plus they are stacking this deal with ecoupons!!

    To get 4 children's Disney vitamins for 11.98, just go to When choosing your vitamins, be sure to click on the little e-coupon box to "add" it your cart. Buy any 4 of the Disney vitamins. This will give you free shipping (since your before discount total was over $25). Use the code 20vit at checkout to get an additional 20% off. And then do the happy dance because you just got 4 bottles of Disney vitamins for $9.58 - the price of one.

    Go through ebates and you will get 5.5% back from your purchase!

    Happy Shopping!


    You may want to call your local Target this morning and see if they are indeed marking their toys 75% off.

    But TODAY should be the DAY! :)

    Taylor Joelle Hot Buy

    If you have a little girl under 1, you have to check out Taylor Joelle's hot buy!

    Okay so I am in love with anything with ruffles and girly. But if MGirl was littler I wouldn't question buying this for her.


    MGirl already has a pettiskirt from them and CMan has one of their ties. All are great quality and just adorable.

    Taylor Joelle's hot buy does change weekly and is usually 50% off or more so if you like there stuff, definately check back.

    Anyways I just had to share the adorableness since I can't buy it myself. Bummer!

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    Hats for the peanuts

    Are you looking for a hat for your peanut (for this year or next?)?

    L.L Bean has some adorable hats on sale.

    Double L Knit Hat
    Double L Knit Hat 5.99 - lots of designs although not all available in all sizes
    sizes 6 - 12 months to 4T

    Organic Cotton Baby Hat - 2.99 light blue or dark blue
    sizes 3 - 6 months to 6 - 12 months

    use the code JVD9423 for free shipping!

    Happy Shopping!

    Monday, January 10, 2011


    Have a new little one on formula?

    How about an awesome deal on some little Similac bottles then?

    Similac® Advance® Ready-to-Feed / 2 fl. oz bottle / case of 48
    Head over to Abbott Nutrition and choose between

    Similac Advanced case of 48 bottles


    Similac Sensitive case of 48 bottles


    Similac Expert Care Neosure case of 48 bottles

    Then use the codes SIMILAC1 to take off $28.85 and SIMILAC3 to take off an additional $3

    Total cost for $10.09 with free shipping for advanced, or 16.19 with free shipping for sensitive or neosure

    I know this deal only works on the cases of 48 bottles and with new accounts so if your child uses a different kind of Similac check around to see if they carry that in the little bottles!

    Happy Shopping!

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Soft Laundry

    When reading through the discussions on my mom's group, one of the wonderful mommas had shared a link to this beautiful written blog post called Soft Laundry by Sand in my Coffee . I love it!

    So many times we wonder how do they do it or why can't I?

    And the funny thing is, we are all thinking the exact same thing.

    I hope I am able to share some of my little tidbits and hope that you know I want to hear from you too!!

    Have an awesome tip on how to get my teen 2 1/2 year old to stop throwing fits or to get my peanut to sleep through the night?

    Know an awesome deal in the making?

    SHARE SHARE SHARE! We are here to help each other and to build a "potluck" village together. I am so happy to have you all here and am continually amazed at the blessing this blog is for me. Let it being a blessing to you too by sharing your knowledge and tidbits.

    Amazon Pamper deal

    Okay Pampers mommas - another deal for you - this time from Amazon.

    First all I hope you have signed up for amazon mom by now but if not head over here to score free shipping.

    You will want to sign into your Amazon account and then head over to this coupons page. Click on the pampers 1.50 off coupon.

    Then decide what pampers you want to buy. You want to be sure the pampers has the subscribe and save option (here are some of the ones I reccomend below for the best deals but you could pick any pampers that have subscribe and save). When you choose this option you will get 30% off (15% from the subscribe and save AND 15% for your amazon mom ).  You can cancel your subscribe and save at any time so after you receive the diapers just cancel the subscription.

    When you checkout you will see that the coupon is actually coming off twice taking off $3 from your order instead of just $1.50.

    If you have an 20% off code from the Parents magazine or the American Baby magazine, your deal will be even better.

    I ordered Pampers swaddlers sensitive size 3 (62 count) and my total cost was $6.87!!

    So to sum it up:
    Sign up for amazon mom if you haven't already
    Log in to your account
    "Clip" the amazon $1.50 off coupons
    Choose your Pampers diaper selection (has to have subscribe and save option)
    At the checkout screen put in your 20% off code
    Be satisifed with an awesome deal on diapers :)

    Here are some reccomendations for you:
    Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Diapers, Size N, 84 CountPampers Swaddlers Dry Max Diapers, Size N, 84 Count - 12.94 with subscribe and save (9.94 after $3.00 off coupon)

    Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Diapers, Size 2, 84 Count
    Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, Mega Pack, size 2, 12-18 lbs 50 ea
     16.79 with subscribe and save and (13.79 after $3.00 off coupon)
    Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, Size 3, 62 CountPampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, Size 3, 62 Count13.82 with subscribe and save (and 10.82 after $3.00 coupon)

    Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers Size 4, 52 count 16.39 with subscribe and save (and 13.39 with $3.00 coupon)


    Groupon is offering a great deal on pay $10 for $20 worth of merchandise (and free shipping!!). has accessories for your phone, mp3 player, computer, Wii, and so much more!

    I think this would be great to use for ink (so you can print more coupons of course!!) or for an accessory you've been wanting for your phone.

    So head over to Groupon and look at the Las Vegas deal for all the info.

    There is also currently a code for 15% off with a $10 purchase using the code MNEWYEAR2011. I don't know if you will be able to use this code with the Groupon but it is definately worth a shot.

    Happy Shopping!