Monday, January 17, 2011

Target - Baby Equipment

If you are in need of any large baby equipment (strollers, pack n' play, highchair, baby gates, car seats, exersaucers, etc.), you should def. be running over to Target.

They have their clearance baby equipment marked down 50%! I saw the sit n' stand for around $65. Boppies were $12. We got the safety 1st air protect convertible car seat originally $180 for just $90.

And if you are looking for smaller baby stuff (clothes, blankets, shoes, bottles, baby toys, etc), they are going for 75% off. I got Carter two pairs of two piece pjs for $1.74 each and a 2 pack of Avent 9 oz. bottles for a little less then $4.

So hurry over to Target if you are in need of some baby supplies!

And yes I am pretty sure my hubby is about to ban me from Target with all the awesome steals I've been getting there lately! :)

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