Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easy Peazy Craft Project

So I was at JoAnns today looking for fabric for CMan's first birthday party.

As usual I got distracted and came across this

Princess fabric (they had lots of others like Dora, Tinkerbell, etc) that is already gathered at the top and finished at the bottom.

So I decided to go ahead a buy it to make MGirl an easy peazy dress. All I have to do is cut it to her size and sew the side seam. Seriously  could it be any easier??

I did buy this ribbon

to pair with it for shoulder straps. But that is another 5 minute job!

I am so excited for this easy adorable dress. And MGirl is so excited for a princess dress.

Do you have any easy peazy craft projects to share? I love to do them but time is always of the essence.

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