Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bulk Buying

Most areas have some kind of warehouse store such as Costco or Sams. I personally have mixed opinions about such shopping but will share with you my thoughts so you can form your own.

Warehouse stores allow you to buy mass amounts of any particular item for lower prices. You can not use coupons (other then store coupons) at these type of locations. With one exception you CAN use formula checks (the coupons formula manufacturers send you in the form of a check) at warehouse stores.

I do believe that you can get great savings at warehouse stores BUT I also believe you can get ripped off there. Since they do not accept manufacturers coupons you can buy items that have coupons much cheaper at other stores.

Some things I have bought with great savings are lightbulbs - they were running a special of 4 of the energy efficient light bulbs for .99, and tires - we bought four brand new tires for the van for just over $400. We also will buy things that we rarely find on sale or rarely have coupons for.

One thing to remember is to not buy more then you can really use. Are you really going to use five pounds of nacho cheese with your family of four? If you need a break from coupons, which everyone occasionally does, warehouse stores are a great place to continue your savings without the work.

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