Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What would you do Wednesday: The Tooth Fairy

Today is What Would You Do Wednesday and unlike last weeks cleaning questions (thanks for the help by the way)....I need some help with the tooth fairy.

You see when MGirl was a mere 11 months old she stood up in the bathtub and fell and chipped her tooth. We took her to the doctor they said not to worry about it. July she turned 2 so we decided it was time for her first dentist appt. and lo and behold she destroyed the root of her one tooth (and the other may need to be removed later as it has a blended root - whatever that means). So sometime within the next 20 days MGirl will be losing her first tooth and we will be having our first tooth fairy visit.

The problem is most children are like 5 when they have their first tooth fairy visit and money or coins is exciting. But MGirl doesn't understand money and coins and that won't mean anything to her to receive that from the tooth fairy. So I'm debating on what to do...give her money and say to heck with it or buy her a small present (well really just raid her xmas presents in the basement for something)? What would you do? Its already going to be a huge deal and so we are talking about her "sick" tooth that the dentist has to remove. I'm sure its going to be a rough day when it actually happens so hopefully the little present or coin or whatever will help to cheer her up.

What would you do for a 2 year old and losing her first tooth?

Bye bye front tooth!


  1. I found a coupon today for anyone who might be thinking of going to Eat n Park tonight! It is for a FREE spinach and artichoke dip appetizer. It is good for today only tho! The link is below

  2. had i not just been there on monday - i would totally be there tonight!

  3. I vote small gift, for sure. Definitely not money, like you said, she won't care about that. Adn chances are by the time she loses another tooth, she won't remember gift vs. money anyway. So later, you can still do money. :-)

  4. Why don't you do both? Give her a small gift and like a quarter. M girl loves feeding her piggy and then next time if you give her just a dollar then maybe she won't think anything of it. R & C give I & M small gifts and a dollar and they love it.