Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Dos and Don'ts

Before you have a baby you get bombarded with the things you NEED. Although you quickly will realize that you really don't need all those things in order for baby to be happy and healthy. And some other things you will wish you had bought more of. Here is my suggested list of Baby Dos and Don'ts before baby arrives. 

Do Stock Up On:

- DIAPERS! Of all sizes, not too many newborns or size 1s as babies grow fast. I wouldn't worry too much about your child having an allergy to a certain kind but if that is your concern then get a variety of brands. CMan has probably used 3 or 4 kinds of diapers so far and has had no problem with any of them. Also store brands are often just as good as name brands so don't be scared to use them as well. Or if you are thinking cloth diaper, stock up on a variety of these as well.

- Wipes - the wipe boxes are sealed so they will not dry out for a very very very long time! I have only ever had one box of dried out wipes and i contacted the company and they sent me coupons for 2 free tubs. Wipes shouldn't dry out unless opened (think how long they sit on store shelves!)

- Larger needs - if you find a great deal or a great second hand item, don't be afraid to purchase it ahead of time. No one is going to notice if your swing and carseat don't match (and really do you want them to anyway?) so if you find a great deal on a large item, snag it up.

Baby Don'ts

- Wipes Warmer - Your wipes are room temp. so they will be totally fine without a wipe warmer.

- Bottle Warmer - These things are hard to use and just another nuisance. Use boiling water from the stove or the microwave (although this isn't reccomended due to hot spots in the milk).

- Nursing pillow - Some people will disagree with this but I never used my nursing pillow to nurse. It does in fact work great to put around CMan now that he is learning to sit but I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that is all I would use it for.

- Diaper genies - Although we did use this for awhile, we one day ran out of refills and just switched to using the trash can. I quickly thought why did I use that to begin with. It smelled, it was annoying, and generally it just wasn't worth it. The trash can is perfect and tons cheaper.

- Bottle sterlizer - just use the dishwasher

- Baby shoes - they are cute and yes CMan owns a few but really they don't need them. They can't go anywhere, they can't walk, so shoes just are not necessary
I'm sure I'll think of more things to add to both lists but what did you use all the time or not use at all once your little bundle of joy arrived. I'm sure the list is different for everyone but lets help our future mommas out with some savings on unnecessary things!


  1. Other Don'ts:
    Special Laundry Detergent. Pretty much all brands these days sell a dye/fragrance free. If you want something even more gentle, use woolite.

  2. Oh very good point!!! Def. do not buy the ridiculous special laundry which will put you out of house and home alone! We've used All Free and Clear and it works perfectly fine!

  3. Don't - this is totally a preference buy drop in bottles - that is what I got and I ended up going and just buying the fill bottles - it was way cheaper than having to keep buying the refills