Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Newspaper

My generation isn't exactly newspaper readers, in fact with instant access to the news on the web, the newspaper has a hard time selling to many generations. BUT there is a reason for you to be getting the newspaper and that is the coupons! Coupons in our area come out once a week in the newspaper and once in a random set of advertisements on Tuesdays. The coupons are two totally different sets of coupons so definately worth it for me to get the newspaper. I have a newspaper subscription that I got at a home show. The cost was .75 a week and I got a free Entertainment book. Perfect - deal! But you might not be able to find such a deal and what I think you need to be looking to pay is $1.00 or less per week. Your two choices are to contact the newspaper directly and see what kind of deal they will give you (remember there is some areas that have the option for different newspapers and all newspaper carry the same coupons no matter what they tell you so call around) OR you can get your newspaper at the dollar store. Like everything else at the dollar store, the newspaper is $1.00. This definately beats the $1.75 newsstand price. It doesn't take much to reap the benefit of spending a dollar (or less) each week. Usually two coupons and it was worth it. Most of the time you will find yourself using a lot more then two of them and you now will have access to the weekly ads.

Ideas for the rest of the newspaper
1. Use the paper to protect the table during your child's art projects
2. Line the cat box with it
3. Enjoy the comics (the only part I do like)
4. Have your child look for certain letters or words on a page of the newspaper
5. Maybe attempt to read an article (ok I know this is a stretch but it might be worth it!) :)

Is the newspaper a necessary? For me, yes! And I do believe it is for you too. In fact I've been trying to convince the hubby we need to be receiving more then one newspaper but I guess that doesn't fit in the budget quite yet!

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