Monday, September 13, 2010

Are You Shopping for Next Summer Yet? You Should Be!

Okay so I wasn't going to write a post about this but after my shopping trip with the kids today. I just can't help it.

First off imagine me in a store with 3 kids.....a 2 year old, 11 month old, and 5 month old. One is half walking, half being carried, half riding on the cart, one is sitting in the front of the buggy and one is in his car seat in the back of the buggy. Let me tell you that is how most of my shopping trips look (and I often wonder why people give me dirty looks, I guess I shouldn't, ha ha ha!).

Anyways I'm telling you that because if I can find these deals, so can you!

Summer clothes are on clearance everywhere! Last week mom and I hit up the outlets and found lots of deals for the kids next year. Children's place had racks upon racks of $1.99 stuff. Old Navy, Carters, OshKosh - all had loads of clearance.

Ok - focus - TODAY I was at Walmart to get Beechnut cereal for C Man. I don't often shop at Walmart but they carry Beechnut and not many places do and I had a coupon and they also carry these Elmo bathtub color changing tabs and again I had a coupon making them free. So Walmart it was.

Well I can't help to go in a store andnot look at their clearance. And I was so excited to find Carter's summer jumpers for little boys (they may have had little girls too but I don't have a baby girl anymore) for just $1!! $1 - Carter's brand jumper - and they were cute! So of course I bought 3 for next summer. They didn't have much in M girl's size but I wasn't exactly scouring the racks either with my group in tow. They did have TONS of Carter's pjs on sale both girls and boys for $3. But I'm cheap and since they had so many I'm hoping they bring the price down. Ha ha ha! I think $3 is a great price but $2 or $1 would be better.

Yes I am that crazy! I'll admit it! :)

Find any great deals on next year's summer clothes? Where at - please share!

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  1. The Children's place outlet and online always has great clearance if you watch it - I got 3 pairs of little boy jeans, 3 little boy zip up hoodies, 4 t-shirts, 5 long sleeve shirts, 2 little boy sweatshirts, 2 little girls jeans, 2 little girls shirts and JT a fall jacket and payed 70 (which included shipping) - not bad and got almost all my christmas shopping done! Plus TCP is good quality! It is my favorite store!!!