Monday, September 20, 2010

Make It Monday

My first edition of Make It Monday - where I will feature different foods, craft projects, or something that I "make".

Today I decided to attempt baby food. Probably many of you out there have made or attempted to make baby food before. I tried once with M girl and she acted like I was poisoning her so that was it. I figured I'd give it a try with C man since I had a load of fresh green beans in the fridge thanks to our CSA with Harvest Valley Farms.

So here is what I needed:
green beans
food chopper

I washed the green beans and then pulled off the little stems and "tails".

I then broke the green beans into pieces and threw them into the pot.

I just added a bit of water to steam them and put on the lid and let them go.

I probably should have paid attention on how long I was steaming them (although longer probably can't hurt right?) but I got distracted by this:

I decided it was snack time for myself although I'm pretty sure God was laughing at me because look what happened:

:( The second I stuck my knife in it the whole thing fell into pieces. So very sad.

So back to my mission since all the water was gone and the beans weren't liking it. I checked to make sure they were mushy, which they were. Then just threw them into my chopper. I added a little bit of water and chopped.

I wasn't too sure about how it looked so I added more water hoping to make it a little smoother. still wasn't as pureed as C Man's normal food...maybe green beans wasn't the best choice but I decided to let C Man try it anyway.

He was excited to try them.

But not so sure about them when he got some.

In fact his faces were quite hilarious.
I think I would try making baby food again but would definitely try a different veggie or fruit as I'm not sure green beans were the best choice to start with. The texture just wasn't his normal puree and I think it threw him off. For those of you who have made baby food before, what do you suggest for beginning eaters? Or maybe you have a way to make the baby food smoother - please share the info! I'm not opposed to trying again but need to try something else as the green beans didn't go over so well.

As for my snack,

I threw it all in a bowl and ate it that way. It wasn't quite the same but it sure did taste good!

What would you like to see next week on Make It Monday? I'm always open for your ideas!

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  1. Hmm... It's fall, and they're plentiful, so I would try squash next time. I bet they're a mandatory pick this week for CSA. Let me know if you need help with how to cook it. It get's MUCH smoother than green beens. Also, A blender or food processor will help you get a smoother end product. Good Luck! Next week, it should be how to make somethign out of the recycled newspaper! Paper hats are my first thought.