Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Buying a Kid's Meal

My family loves to go out to dinner. But one thing we rarely ever do is buy a kid's meal. The reason I hate buying a kid's meal is the price is often $5 and up and my little one probably won't eat half of what she receives.

So instead of buying a kid's meal for M girl we often change our sides to something that will be the perfect food for her and the side portion is the perfect meal size for her. Even better the price is free! The options usually include rice or macaroni and cheese - two perfect kid choices.

Have you ever thought how much you spent on a kid's meal?

The other option is to frequent locations that have discount or free kid's meal nights. At one of the location restaurants near us they have a 99 cent deal where your child receives a drink, their meal, and 4 game tokens for the game room located in the restaurant. Since the tokens are usually at least a quarter this is the perfect night for us to visit!

Lastly bring your child's own drink or let them have water. Drinks often will run you around $2, a crazy price for something you can bring yourself. Especially since children rarely drink their entire drink.

The easiest way to save money is to adjust some of your own thinking about things you already do! A night out doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!

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  1. another idea is for adults. since I have had my gastric bypass surgery, the kids meals and side dishes are often the perfect size for me AND Anna. Technically, EVERYONE should be eating meals this size and NOT super sized meals or over the top plates of pasta that we are normally served. The only problem is selection. Kids meals are often a hamburger or grilled cheese, nothing tasty like chicken alfredo or any gormet pizzas! BUT most of the time you can save SO much money and just get a kids meal (and yes they DO allow it even thought your older than 12).