Friday, September 24, 2010

The Mommy League

I'd like to create a Mommy League where our single goal would be to support each other. Wouldn't that be great?

I mean support can take on a lot of definitions:

Need a babysitter so you can run to the grocery store solo call the Mommy League

Wonder how to get your baby to stop throwing his paci out of his crib the second you put him in there call the Mommy League

Want to talk about something without being judged call the Mommy League

The Mommy League would be your all around guide to mommyhood, they would offer a hand whenever needed and of course never judge.

Why are we moms so judgemental of each other? Believe me I'm no different. Why does she do that? What is she thinking? Those things all cross my mind on a regular basis. Why can't we accept that everyone is going to do it a little differently and just support each other and all of our children so they all are the best kids they can be.

I've seen a lot of judging going on in light of the recent Similac recall and all I can think is seriously?? Sure I nurse C Man but had it been two years earlier while M girl was at grandma's I would have been affected. Because after pumping in a public bathroom for months while others knocked on the door wondering what I was doing and getting up multiple times a night not because my child needed fed but because I had to pump just to get enough milk for the next day, I just couldn't keep up anymore. I don't take it lightly that a formula we trust to feed the youngest members of our society is recalled. And by all means I don't judge those of us who are choosing (or not really choosing) to give it to our children.

Why does supporting each other have to be such a difficult thing?

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