Saturday, September 11, 2010

My favorite store: Target

Okay so I'm going to start attempting to explain the coupon policies of the nationwide chain stores. If ever get lost, give me a holler and I will better explain myself. Also at the bottom of each post I will include a direct link to the stores coupon policy. So I'm going to start with one of my favorite stores: Target.

Target is a great store for couponers, most of the time. Target offers you the ability to use two coupons on an item. A manufacturers coupon and a coupon found on the Target website itself. Check out the Target coupons here.  This can make for some really cheap or even free items.

Target is also great at clearancing items on a fairly regular basis. Don't walk down the middle of the aisles when shopping at Target, walk down the back aisles. Often they have end caps filled with their red clearance stickers. You will also find these stickers on items in the aisles so be on the lookout for these.

Target also likes to offer gift card deals on items such as buy 10 waters and receive a $5 gift card (purely an example not happening this week!). These can be paired with coupons to make free items or even you can make money off these deals. The gift cards can not be used on that purchase but can be used immediately on another purchase.

Two bits of warning for you:
#1: Ignore grouchy cashiers. This happens at more then just Target but if you are sure you did the right thing - stick up for yourself. Ask for a manager if necessary. Don't back down just cause their grouchy - smile and check your coupons and insist that you are correct!

#2: Target is known for coupons not ringing up. This is not the cashiers fault but somehow the system just essentially ignores them scanning your coupon. SO be aware of how much you should have paid and don't hesitate to question it if things just don't seem correct.

I regularly shop at Target and love their clearance and their coupons! Not everything is the best deal there but lots of things are! Some people suggest you care these policies with you but I don't go that far. If you think it will help feel free to print these out and take them with you when shopping.
Target's Corporate Coupon Policy
Target's Price Matching Policy

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