Monday, September 27, 2010

Make It Monday: Letter Bow Holder

Today's Make It Monday is a letter bow holder.

First you need to gather these supplies: Letter of your choice, colors of your choice, a roll of ribbon, paintbrush and staple gun (or some other way to attach ribbon to letter)
This is my receipt which totals only $5.90 for all supplies (minus the paintbrush)! Not bad!

First step: Paint the base color

Then add your decorative elements. I was mocking the dots from Mgirl's comforter so I used the end of the paintbrush to make different size dots in brown paint. 

After it dried, I attached a piece of ribbon to the top and three longer pieces of ribbon to the bottom. Mgirl has lots of bows so I needed as much room as possible for all of them. 

The finished projects

Then all I did was add the bows and it is ready to be added to Mgirl's room and will keep her bows so much more organized. Bow holders can be expensize if you buy them already made but as you can tell its an easy quick inexpensive projects that anyone can handle!

What do you think??

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