Monday, September 27, 2010

Different ways to collect coupons

Besides buying your own newspaper, there are other ways to get coupons and the more the merrier!

One way to collect coupons is to ask your friends and family to keep them for you. This may seem obvious but plenty of people get the newspaper and just throw away the coupons. In fact in 2006, the redemption rate for coupons was a mere 0.8% so I guarantee you know someone (or many people) who just throw away their coupons. And really it can't hurt to ask!

Another way to get coupons is to actually buy them for the internet. You can find individuals selling their clipping services (as coupons are not allowed to be sold) on ebay or on clipping sites. This is great to use if you want a lot of one particular coupon. For example if you use alot of diapers you can buy the clipping service for diapers and you would receive multiples of the same exact coupon.

Both of these ways help you to build your coupon supply and when you find a great sale you can stock up. Having multiples of one coupon is the easiest way to stock up when you find a super deal.

How do you acquire your coupons? Multiple newspapers, clipping service, friends and family, or some other way?


  1. Great post - I love coupon-ing! Thanks for the tips!

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  2. Congrat's Lauren! :-)

    I often get coupons in or with things I've already purchased. Like in the oxiclean powder I bought there was a coupon for spray cleaner and detergent (or something). And in the pampers I just bought there was a coupon in each pack. What's great about these kinds of coupons is two things (1)they rarely have duplicates, so you can stack them and (2)they usually don't expire for quite a while from when you get them.