Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where are the pictures?

I can hear you screaming it from your side of the computer....


Well of course technology got the best of me and when I went to put my rechargeable batteries on their recharger. The gosh darn thing wouldn't work. So while I have quite a few drafted articles about my wonderful children or my everyday household, they are all missing pictures.

And my kids would say what is a story without pictures?

Luckily today in the mail I got a coupon from Energizer for free rechargeable batteries. So I'm heading out tonight to purchase those batteries in hopes that it is the batteries and not the charger acting up. I also have an email out to Energizer because I believe companies should stand behind their products. We will see what they say hopefully soon.

I promise pictures and stories are coming. In the mean time do you have a picture or story you would like to share? Ever wanted to blog but don't have the time for a full blog - considering being a guest blogger. I love hearing what you all have to say in your comments and would love featuring any of you as guest bloggers. Let me know in the comments below if it sounds of interest to you!


  1. Lauren- this is amazing! how much time does it take you to clip coupons and look at ads?

    Meg J.

  2. Clipping ads....blush....i'm far behind! young children and clipping coupons don't go hand in hand. but regularly i would say it takes me a half hour to do a pamphlet and file them. i look at ads during nap times on sundays and any other day i receive them. i also use other deal sites to help me