Monday, September 27, 2010

Saving on a Gym Membership

As you know I've been trying to lose the extra baby weight so the hubby and I decided to join the Y. We had looked at it a few months back but that wouldn't take C Man in the child watch area till he was 6 months old. This wasn't going to really work for us so we had decided to hold off on the gym membership.

The Coupon Gods were smiling on us BECAUSE.....

C Man turns 6 months tomorrow and last week the Y called to say they were running a special with no joining fee at sign up for this entire week. Which meant cutting off the $120 it would have cost us to join!

So we just happened to get lucky but when I was there tonight signing us up they told me they ran this promotion twice a year (a fact I really didn't know).

So my thought is if you are interested in joining a gym or club I think it would be wise of you to ask if they run specials throughout the year and when they are. Not paying the joining fee paid for another entire month of our Y membership and then some. Can't beat it!

I'm excited to continue my weight loss journey and M girl LOVED playing with her "friends" in the childcare area. Sometimes in savings you just got lucky and we just happened to this time.


  1. Lauren ~ Yet another reason to nurse Cman longer than you did Mgirl. :-) The weight will keep coming off (if your diet stays the same).

  2. I was never that lucky weight never came off when nursing either of my children. Don't know why? Guess I just didn't get the lucky genes!