Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rite Aid Cleaning Clearance Update

Well like I told you all before Rite Aid is having a big cleaning clearance and I was not disappointed.

Many of the items I got for free or super cheap and some of them were bought to keep this little shopper happy.
On the other hand, this little shopper is almost always happy, no treats required. Although he does enjoy peas as displayed but his pea face! :)
Anyway the deals:

Tide w/bleach powder 2.49 (x 4)
Glade Candles in tins .87 (x2) (had $2/2 coupon)
Flavor Ice 16 ct. .64
Wyler Lite Raspberry .49
Arizona Tea .67 (to keep momma happy)
M&Ms .88 (to keep M Girl happy)
Used 12.00 in UPRs
OOP: .38

Febreze Reed Diffuser 2.74 (had $2 coupon)
Febreze Flameless Luminator Starter Kit 3.99 (had $4 coupon)
 OOP: .78

Tide w/bleach liquid 1.54 (x2) (used $1.50 & $1 coupon)
Febreze Soy Candle 2.74 (had $2 coupon)
Glade Candle Holder .87
Glade Candle Refill 3.49 (had buy holder get refills free coupon)
Sky Ball 2.24 (to keep M Girl happy)
Used 3.50 in UPRS
OOP: .93

Bounce Free 120 count 1.75 (had $1 coupon)
Comet 17 oz. .97 (had $.35 coupon)
OOP:  1.44

Total OOP:

:) Anyone else have any luck?

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