Saturday, September 11, 2010

Enjoy the Locals

Another great way to save some money is enjoy the local stuff in your very own town. Today mom, M girl, C man, and I went shopping in Lawrenceville. An up and coming artisty district just minutes away from my own home. I had only been there once and loved it and was super excited to visit some more places. Truly the place is wonderful. From little boutique vintage shops to cafes up the wazoo its a great little experience and some of the prices are just unbelievable (in a good way). Now of course some places had prices that were a bit high for my taste but some of them were well under. And mom and I were so impressed with the friendliness of everyone. From stopping in the street to let us cross to giving M girl free icecream because we didn't have cash and they only took cash, everyone went well out of their way to make us happy. Mom and I are going back in a heartbeat but just a little bit earlier cause the shops do close earlier. Mom got an adorable vintage silver water pitcher for just $8.00. I'm somewhat jealous but until I have a bigger house I have no more room for kitchen things. Until then I'll dream of the day I fill my someday bigger home with little treasures from Lawrenceville.
M girl enjoying some "coffee" in Lawrenceville

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