Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Picture Present for You

Have you ever heard of Artscow?

Well I have and I LOVE them! They offer GREAT deals on picture products. I've bought change purses, playing cards, a mouse pad and something else that is escaping my mind right now (its early don't blame me). The only thing is that I don't reccomend shopping them when you are not buying their deal item. The items are shipped from oversees so regularly the shipping prices are high. That being said they offer deals VERY often and the prices are them are simply amazing!

So right now they are featuring 3 comestic bags for $8 shipped!
I have no doubt that you will be extremely pleased with the bags. I gave my mother-in-law one of the change purses and she expressives her love of it everytime she comes to visit (and i gave it to her months ago). Also you can make all 3 different if you wish or if you want to buy more then 3 just order in multiples of 3 for the deal. At checkout just use the code 3COSMETIC8. This offer is good until October 2nd. So go visit Artscow and have fun.

Happy shopping!

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