Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brand Preferences

I noticed a comment on my giveaway (found here) about brand preferences and I thought I could easily sum the answer to this one up.

I have none!

Ha ha ha! That is the hardest part about coupon is if you have brand preferences getting good deals on them. It is easiest to have none and just get things that are a good deal because depending on if a new product is coming out or an item is being discontinued or getting new packaging those will be the things you get for a great deal.

That being said, my hubby has lots of brand preferences. In fact he is quite particular on things he uses. So how do I save on these things or things that rarely have awesome deals? Well that is a little harder to explain but I will do my best.

First off if you find a deal on the item of your preference get lots! Ha ha ha! I mean it though - who knows when you will see the prices again and if you really will only use that product stock up.

Second use savings from other items to save on items not on sale. For example at Rite Aid you earn UPRs for certain items but you don't have to be particular on what items you spend them on. So spend them on things you need or prefer to use.

Third search the Internet for coupons or deals. Sometimes things are cheaper online or you find a really great coupon that you didn't know was available. I like to make my grocery list a day before I go to the store then search coupon databases such as the one found on couponmom (here). Couponmom also offers a great grocery deals list for most stores in all states that will show you what coupons are available for the current sale items at your store. That way you know the best deals available.            

Honestly though I believe in shopping the deals, if something I want is on sale in a different brand then I normally buy, I have no problem trying it. Sure I've gotten things I would never get again but normally, 95% of the time, I can't tell the difference and neither can the hubby (although no one tell him that its not the same!). :)

To clearly demonstrate my lack of brand preference here are a few pics from my storage area:
Our current baby food selection

Just some of my many brands of cleaning supplies

My current storage razor selection (we have more in the hall closet)

And part of my wipes collection

So as you can tell I clearly don't know the meaning of brand preference! :)


  1. Funny. I hate huggies wipes, but love their containers. So I save the huggies containers and buy the pampers refills. :-D

  2. Jen - Typically the containers are cheaper then the refills (regardless of brand) so I have tons of boxes in both brands. Huggies does have cute boxes though. Why are you not a fan of them? I've had problem with Pampers before with them being way too dry. I even contacted the company about it