Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Grocery Night

With two young kiddos, its not often that I get out of the house alone. But last night was one of those nights - grocery night. I had a glorious peaceful hour and fifteen minutes in Giant Eagle. And of course I came home quite pleased with my purchases and final cost. I almost fell over though when the couple in front of me had their final bill ring up.....$256! For the two of them! I don't even think they were married because they debated over who was going to pay the bill. And when the one coupon she brought didn't ring through she just threw it aside and said who cares?? With that kind of bill, I would def. care! I didn't see much of what they bought to ring their bill up that high but I know they didn't have very many bags and one of their purchases was this:

Really was that best purchased at the grocery store?

Anyways I ended up buying 47 items which included frozen chicken, milk, sliced pepperoni, ridiculous expensive V8 Fusion juice - $4 a bottle! - that hubby insists on drinking, and a wide variety of other things which rang in at $60.45. Since my budget was $100 I was super happy. My savings rang in at over $40 with coupon savings and store savings. 

How did you do at your grocery shopping this week?

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