Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Would You Do Wednesday: Traveling with Youngins

Well I have some advice for this one as well but thought it would be great for everyone to share.

What do you do when traveling with young ones especially if you are the only adult!!

I am for the first time taking both kids on a five and half hour car ride - ALONE! AHHHH!

Normally it isn't such a big deal - hubby drives and when someone needs something I can just reach over and give them whatever.

But now its just me, MGirl and Cman hitting the road to visit my dad and family!

I can see this trip taking me eight hours.....please let them sleep!

So what do you do to prepare for traveling with little ones? I'll post my thoughts on the topic on Friday (my day of travel) but please feel free to share ideas and definately any help for traveling ALONE are helpful! I am only really extremely slightly nervous. :)

Hoping and praying for lots of this!
Wish me luck!

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  1. You'll be alright - take breaks and keep some stuff handy they might want / need. Make a travel bag for M Girl with some stuff in that she can do and hang it on the back of your seat so she can reach it. C Man hopefully will stay relaxed most of the time, but keep some toys in the front that you can hand to him or have M girl hand to him. I do this with J Man and it seems to work.