Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enjoying my birthday weekend

So I know I've been super quiet these last two days but I've been thoroughly enjoying my birthday weekend with the family!

Last night it was out to dinner with the in-laws.

Then hubby let me sleep in this morning!

Then we took MGirl to McDonalds to play in the tubes and then headed down to daddy's Alma mater Pitt. When we were down there we saw a fair going on and decided to go and ended up enjoying lots of FREE activities! Carousel rides, a book, three different art projects and hula hoops! They had other stuff but it was well past the kiddos nap time so we decided to pack it up.

This evening we are heading out to a friend's for a bonfire.

Tomorrow its church, and dinner with my family for my birthday!

Yup I'm keeping busy celebrating!

So please excuse me this weekend if I'm a little less then stellar on keeping up with deals and ads! I promise everything will be back to normal soon!

AND a new giveaway starts tomorrow with 2 winners! :)

Hope you all are having as great of a weekend as I am!

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