Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Free Strawberry Shortcake

A few weeks ago the Playsaver coupons were included in the Sunday paper (9/23) and there was one for $10 off the Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Styles.

At Target, Kmart, and Toys R Us the Strawberry Shortcake Sweetest Styles are regularly priced at $9.99. This makes the Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Style FREE! Its also been reported that Kmart has the Berry Style on clearance!

I ended up buying the one below at my local Kmart and used the coupon without any problems making the toy totally free! Can't beat that price! Will make a perfect tooth fairy present! :)


  1. Good luck to Mgirl on her tooth extraction!! Also i wanted to share that I went to rite aid and what would have cost me $140 ended up only being $50 after different types of coupons, wellness rewards and such! I am stocked up for a good while and even got some great deals on things i can use as stocking stuffers for Christmas! Was so excited and proud I just had to share!!! thanks Lauren!!!!!

  2. way to go Amanda!! thank you for sharing! :)