Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adding coupons directly to your card

A new way of getting more savings at a store is adding "coupons" to your store card. This is the latest in saving techniques and is great because you can use both the coupon on your card as well as a paper coupon. This really helps to rake in your savings.

So how does it work?   

First you go to the site Cellfire and add your store card information (note not all stores are available but for those of you that are local Giant Eagle and Shop N Save are on the list!)

Then you just click on the coupons you want on your card and they automatically get added

Whenever you go shopping and buy that particular item, the savings will automatically be deducted from your total

Yes it is THAT easy!

One of the coupons currently is the betty crocker muffin mix which is great to stack with a manufacturers coupon AND the current Giant Eagle sale!

Have you noticed that saving is actually easier then you thought??

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