Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rite Aid Buys 10/19

I had one of those weeks at Rite Aid where nothing is going my way at the cash register. In the end it all worked out but I had to speak up and had to be VERY patient as they throughly debated what was best to do. First three of my coupons were stating that I did not purchase the correct item (which indeed I did) which meant some figuring out on the managers part. What they wanted to do was adjust the price down of the items (price minus coupon) BUT I wouldn't let them because of Rite Aids full price Single Check Rebates this week. Rite Aid corp. will only reimburse me for the stated price on the receipt and if it states I only paid 2.99 instead of 3.99 then I only get 2.99. Does that make sense?? Rite Aids systems don't attach the coupon to a certain item so when you receive a Single Check Rebate it is for the full price you paid before coupons. If they would have attached my coupon to a certain item then I would have lost that amount in my Single Check Rebate. Then I had a return that took then probably at least 20 minutes to figure out. Ughhh.....anyways I ended up with another excellent week.

Here are my buys:

Fig Newtons 1.00
Nilla Wafers 1.00
Simply Saline 3.99
Crest White Expressions 3.41 (hubby insists on this kind - annoying!)
Milk 3.22 (we were out)
Chestal Child Cough 4.99
Oscillococcinum 4.99
Axe 4.99
Axe 2.49
Total: 30.08
Used 5.00 off 25.00
Used 1.00 off 2 Nabisco cookies Rite Aid video value
Used 2.00 off Oscillococcinum
Used 1.00 off Chestal Child Cough
Used 1.00 off Simply Saline
Handed over 4.00 in UPRs but now notice only 2.00 was taken off (emailed Rite Aid - another ughh!)
UPR for Axe didn't print so they took another $1 off
Total OOP: 17.08 (although should have been 15.08)
Used $10 gift card sent to me by Rite Aid for diapers previously purchased
Used $3 from last month SCRs
and earned $13.97 in SCRs
Profit: 9.89 (should be 11.89 if Rite Aid fixes their mistake)

I also could have used $1 off Crest but I wasn't planning on buying it - the thermacare i planned on buying was all out and i wanted to ensure i was over $25 (wasn't sure the milk would count towards the total as some states do not allow you to use coupons on milk). I may take a coupon in or I may just let it go. They beat me down yesterday with all the drama of checking out. I know this is why some of you give up on couponing as it can be a headache. BUT it is totally worth it (as they again paid me to shop at their store!).

Did you score any great deals? Or have you experienced any coupon drama lately?
I know my aunt called me on Sunday to tell me she saved $11 on her purchases! Very nice job! :)

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