Monday, October 4, 2010

Hooray for Vista Print!

Okay I tried posting this last week and then my links went down so try number 2!

Have you tried Vista Print yet???

If not, you should! They offer great deals for free (only pay shipping) and their products are awesome!

For MGirl's first birthday, we used the free postcards for invitations and the free banner for a Happy Birthday sign. The products could not be better. My mom works at a credit union and regularly gets products for her company from them and always loves everything they have to offer.

And really what could beat free???

Currently they are offering 250 free business cards, free photo wall calendars (a great xmas present), 10 free invitations, free tote bag, free sticky notes, free rubber stamps, 140 free return address labels, 100 free postcards, and a free mouse pad. Their free offers are always changing so I'll try to keep you all updated with their latest. Take a look around their site and I'm sure you'll find some great products.


  1. Lauren ~ do you know if you can get more than one free product and get them shipped at the same time so you only have to pay for shipping once? j/w

  2. you can get as many free products as you want in one order...the shipping does go up a little with each item you add but not as much as the first item was (i.e. i put in a the business cards and my shipping was $5 something and i added a rubber stamp and it was $6 something). it is harder to find the free products once you order one but it def. can be done!