Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Day In The Life....

Well some of my facebook fans are just dying to know what a day in the life of me is like SOO....

I am happy to oblige! :)

I will update this post throughout the day so that I can give the most accurate of details.

I will admit now I'm not perfect nor do I get everything done that needs to get done in a day. Usually I have dishes in the sink, toys on the floor and laundry begging to be washed. I'm no supermom....just a mom doing the best she can for my kiddos and myself.

Some of you may wonder why I blog or why I attempt to blog with the craziness of my household and really it is a great outlet for me to express my thoughts, share my day, and get a sense of helping others. Before I started this blog I felt a little lost and now I have my hobby and I get excited to share with you all. Sure sometimes I get tired of blogging but for the most part I love it!

So a day in the life of me.....

12:30 Nurse Cman
12:40 - 5:30 Sleep
5:30 Gosh darn alarm goes off. Rush to get ready.
5:40 first babysitting child arrives. Debate on whether to fall asleep on the couch or blog. Blogging wins.
Try to convince babysitting child to go back to sleep (rarely works!) but instead give in to turning on the tv till the rest of the gang wakes up
6:15 Nurse Cman
6:25 - 7:00 Enjoy a little quiet and blog
7:00 Computer says 7 mins left of battery decide its time for my breakfast
7:20 Cman wakes up - we cuddle
7:30 MGirl wakes up - we cuddle
7:40 2nd babysitting child arrives and the mad dash to prepare everyone to get out the door begins. Breakfast for 4 munchkins, 3 munchkins needs clothes, 4 need socks, 3 need shoes, 3 need coats, 2 need diaper changes, 2 need  help in the potty, you get the idea
8:40 head out the door for preschool drop off
8:50 drop off and head to my after preschool guily pleasure (McDonalds tea) then take the three younger ones to the dollar store to pick up some tin trays to make casseroles for the freezer and a "magic wand" for MGirl as hers broke awhile ago and shes been begging for one
9:30 arrive home to realize we have no power and we can't get in the house since I have no house key
9:35 start heading to hubby's work since he isn't answering his phone and neither is anyone in his office
10:00 arrive at hubby's work with two sleeping babies - get the key (babies aren't sleeping anymore)
10:30 arrive home and of course the power is back (uggh) - only a little bit before preschool pickup and of course can't put the babies down for a nap
10:35 Nurse Cman
10:45 jump on computer to check out any deals and update the blog
11:15 back out the door for preschool pickup
11:25 arrive back home and its the mad dash for lunch...put CMan down for a nap, feed 3 oldest (2 of whom are SOOOOO picky - ughh!) then quick storytime before naps
11:50 pick up from lunch and hope everyone is falling fast asleep....think about dinner options....the heck with dinner...jump on the web so see whats going on
12:00 put dishes in the dishwasher and notice CMan is crying - ughh figures! attempt to give him a binky
12:10 binky is doing no good, so make him some lunch, notice 4 year is bouncing on the couch instead of napping - give a warning to lay down on my way up to serve CMan lunch in his room (since practically every other room is taken over with children)
12:25 leave CMan's room covered in green beans and baby cereal but now have a resting baby (resting in his swing but resting nonetheless) also notice 4 year old has fallen asleep - ahhh quiet!!
12:30 decide i should check the mail - of course it hasn't arrived - realize on my way back i left a load of laundry in the washer.....yesterday, go in and immediately restart the washer hoping to get it into the dryer before anyone awakes again
12:50 decide to make a casserole for the freezer and tacos for dinner....pull out the meat for tacos and stick them in the sink, search web for casserole recipe with ingredients i have on hand
1:20 realize i somehow got lost on the web and am now researching angel tree - back to the task on hand
1:25 begin making a broccoli chicken rice casserole for the freezer
1:50 casserole in the freezer, hop on the web within 5 minutes hear "mommy" - MGirl is awake
2:10 somehow they all know and within just a few minutes they all are awake so begins my job of entertainer, art teacher, snack provider, nose wiper, diaper changer, and any other hat i can throw on
3:00 decide to clean all the toys
3:02 while getting the cleaner from the laundry room realize the washer has over flowed and flooded the laundry room....don't feel a clog....leave it to tend to
3:15 clean with my "helpers" most of the toys in the living room
3:50 wonder if this day will ever end....getting exhausted....but yet still thinking about taking the kids trick or treating at the mall...hmmm...
4:05 2nd babysitting child gets picked up...down to 3
4:10 do a quick jump online which the older two eat snack and CMan naps
4:20 decide i'm definately taking the kids trick or treating, wonder when the 1st babysitting child is getting picked up (its already been 11 hours yikes!)
4:40 CMan wakes up feed him dinner
5:00 1st babysitting child's mom calls and asks me to keep him at least another hour which means he will be trick or treating with us (and will have been with me over 12 hours when all said and done - i feel so bad for his mom to have such a crazy schedule!!!), starting prepping the kid's to go
5:05 starting dinner since hubby is on his way home
5:20 put dinner on the table and shovel a little in before jumping up from the table to figure out what my babysitting child is going to be (as he didn't have a costume since we didn't know he was going), scrabble around and pull off a pretty good Pirates player, dress the other two
5:50 get everyone in the car and head to trick or treating
6:05 - 7:15 drag three children through the mall to get candy while prompting thank yous and pushing them to pay attention to where they were walking
7:15 babysitting child FINALLY gets picked up
7:25 make it home with one sleeping bear and one chocolate faced Goldilocks
7:35 Nurse CMan and put him to bed
7:50 Collapse on the couch - exhausted....its been a long crazy day, check my email and update the blog
8:00 Put MGirl to bed
8:15 sneak some of the kid's Halloween candy
8:30 start watching 16 and pregnant online (yes pathetic i know but i'm addicted)
8:50 hubby gets home and we get in a long conversation about the remodeling of our home and future sale
9:25 brother-in-law calls and has a dire need for hubby to run to the store for him before they close so he can fix his bathroom before my sister-in-law gets home from China tomorrow
9:30 back to finish watching 16 and pregnant
9:45 final update of my day as i'm heading to bed and hoping to get some sleep before its back up to nurse and start the day over again

I wouldn't say today was a typical day but it isn't all that off. I don't usually get locked out of the house or have to babysit for almost 14 hours. But those days do happen. Sometimes God is just testing me (don't forget my laundry room also flooded today AND MGirl had a rare accident all over the bathroom). But if we just keep on breathing and looking forward to the next day - he always has great things in store. In fact for me its a 4 day weekend and Monday it will be just me and CMan as I'm sending MGirl to grandma's for the day. Tomorrow I'll get back to my deal posts but since today was a little hectic and I wanted to focus more on sharing my day with you I stuck to only posting this post.

How do you deal with crazy days?? Does my day look like yours or do things run a little smoother for you?

It may be a crazy life, but its my life! :)


  1. Hi Lauren! I definitely have days like those. Car breaks down, washer breaks, niece has to come over, snot like a river, and potty accidents. Days like those are why God made us moms. He knows we can handle it. We are able to cope, smile, be creative with discipline, laugh at the accidents (even if it's after the fact), and get up and do it again the next day. I hope you're related to at least one of the extra kids you babysit...for whatever reason, i think that makes things more bearable to. YOu do a GREAT job! <3

  2. i am actually not related to either one of the kiddos i watch....but i love them like they are. :)