Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coupons, coupons, everywhere!

So earlier today I told you how to find out what the Sunday coupons are going to be in order for you to determine whether you want the newspaper or not. But how about a way to find out what coupons are online and where they are at.....

A great site called Free Coupon Alerts does exactly that! It allows you to find coupons from all over the internet and continuaously updates when new ones become available. Online coupons can really aid in lowering your weekly grocery bills.

Speaking of grocery OOP (out of pocket) for this weeks groceries (see list here) was $57.21 and I have $10 to spend on my next shopping trip and $4 to spend on my next purchase of meat! I was pretty excited since I had a full grocery cart!

The girl behind in my line said "I'm just in awe!" Usually people complain about us couponers, so it was nice to hear a compliment for once! :)

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