Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does the hubby ever...

Some of you may wonder if I ever let my hubby do the shopping

and the answer is an adamant NO!!

Why you might ask?

Well lets take a look.....

This is the hubby's grocery bill. Yes he paid almost $30 for three steak! Now mind you the steak was awesome (read that as absolutely amazing!) but you won't ever catch me paying $30 for three steaks. Also the hubby thought to buy blue cheese that had a coupon on it but of course forgot to scan the coupon at the checkout. I love my hubby but he isn't the shopper around here that is for sure!

I have to laugh because my bill for my past grocery trip (to the left) was also $39. He bought 5 things for the same as I bought about 50 things.

Do you see now why I do ALL the grocery shopping? :)

Do you do all the grocery shopping or do you share the responsiblities?
I know growing up my grandfather did most of the grocery shopping as he was the saver of the family.
Who takes on that job for your family?

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  1. P.S. I showed hubby this post and his response was "Well the steak was good wasn't it" - yes lovey the steak was wonderful but its a good thing you aren't the one shopping or we would be in the poor house! :)