Saturday, October 30, 2010

i'm slow

ughh...this weekend is dragging me down...on top of the busyness of Halloween and all that encompasses, MGirl is sick. Very sick.

Sad thing is she never gets sick.

But now she has a fever, weeping eyes (never seen this before on anyone but they weep ALL day long!), constantly running nose, and a horrible cough. She isn't eating or even playing. In fact I doubt she was off the couch for more then 10 minutes all day long. And say the wrong thing and the girl cries like you just ruined her whole world.

I hate her being sick especially with Halloween tomorrow. She is so looking forward to it. I really hope she is feeling a little better tomorrow so she can at least go to a couple houses.

My poor princess.

As you all know sicknesses wear everyone down, so I'm heading to a nice hot PEACEFUL bubble bath.

Hoping tomorrow's outlook is a little better.

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