Monday, October 11, 2010

Forgot to use my coupon, now what?

We've all had those moments when you get home and realize you forgot to use your coupon. For whatever reason it got bypassed in the heat of the moment and there lays your awesome savings. OR in another scenario is you find a great deal and even though I told you to take your coupons with you everywhere you forgot just this one time (right, ha ha ha!). What do you do?

Well luckily for most of us stores are very forgiving to us coupon users. I highlight the most of the time part! All stores are different and as we all know not every store is what we call "coupon friendly."

Rite Aid, my favorite, is great about reimbursing you for missed coupons BUT here are some general rules to follow when using a coupon after a purchase:

1. Go to the exact store that you bought the item at. Sometimes other stores will reimburse you but it is easiest if you go to the exact store that you made the purchase.

2. Return to the store with the coupon ASAP. It doesn't have to be the same day but definitely should be within a few days of your purchase. It starts to look a little suspicious if you are showing up 5 or more days after your original purchase. I think within a day or two is best.

3. Admit your wrong-doing. Don't try to blame it on the cashier but readily admit you forgot it in your pocket/car/house/whatever! Although this isn't necessary, if you come in with a smile and an apology often people are more then willing to go the extra mile.

Always consider whether it is really worth it to go back to the store for that extra .50, are you spending that much on gas just to get there? I'm known for going back to stores for coupons but the hubby always questions the value in it. So my general rule of thumb is if it $1 or more then I return but I try to work it into what my plans already are and not make a special run to just use the coupon.

If you really question whether a store will take it or not, call the store. They should be able to tell you over the phone their policy.

I know I had to hang my head today at Rite Aid as I had forgotten to use not 1 but 3 of my coupons! :(
Luckily Rite Aid is great and gave me back my $3.50 and price adjusted another item that had rang up too high.

Have you had any luck using coupons after a purchase? Or do you have a horror story to share?

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  1. It just happened to me. My boyfriend did not use a coupon at rite aid. They usually make me return items and repurchase. I hope it is not the case today as he used credit card. Ugh. With Up rewards involved this feels like a nightmare. i just want my $1.50 back!