Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Madness

As you all know the kids and I headed out of town this weekend to visit my dad and family in Delaware.

We had a great time! The kids got to play with their cousins, I got to visit with my family. All in all it was a blast.

The whole gang! :)

MGirl and my neice - 2 months apart - they are hams!

CMan showing off his Halloween costume to one of his cousins

CMan practicing his scary moves for Halloween

playtime at my dad's

Chit chatting!

A walk to the park which MGirl of course insisted she pull the wagon instead of ride.
The child is SOOO independent!

My only complaint about the trip was the rest stops. We managed to only stop at one each way but each stop took us 40 minutes!! And the kids were conspiring against me on the way home - one would make a mess, I would clean it up, the other would make a mess while I was cleaning, start cleaning that up, and AGAIN the other makes a mess. Of course there were no napkins in the closest dispenser and there I sat covered in baby food sweet potatoes with the closest napkins being across the entire building and I had two children who just wanted to eat their snacks. So as all mothers do - I sat there and fed my children and ignored my mess (at least until their bellys were full!).

Visits are always fun but we are happy to be home! 

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