Thursday, October 7, 2010

Although I'm out, I just have a little post for ya

Well I have good news to report that MGirl did awesome during her tooth extraction.

Okay well she screamed through the entire thing (which is expected for a 2 year old) but immediately was back to her chipper self once she was allowed to get up and be held. In fact she sang the entire way home and has not said a thing about it since.

Ya just never know with kids!

But that isn't what I wanted to tell you.

Have you ever wanted to earn money, prizes or gift cards for doing simple things like answering questions online or reporting your buys?

Well there are a lot of companies out there that let you do this (and I will tell you about more in future posts) but today I wanted to highlight two companies and yes I belong to both of these companies so I will share with you the good and bad of both.

First up is Synovate. Synovate is an opinion panel which basically asks your opinions on different things such as whether you like this item or this store better and why and what your last experience was like, etc. The surveys are easy to take online and are relatively short. You earn points that you can cash out which you reach so many points. I have only been a member for about 3 weeks and regularly receive invitations to do surveys. Unlike some other sites, when you receive an email about a survey you are already qualified to take the survey (which means you always get the points if you take the survey). The points add up quickly although you do need quite a few to cash out. That being send most surveys are worth quite a few points. I haven't earned enough points yet to cash out (although I'm half way there) so I don't know how quickly you receive your check in the mail. This site gets great reviews though so I would guess you will receive your check quickly. What could be easier then answering a few questions for a few extra bucks? Check it out!

Next is the Nielson Home Scan Consumer Panel. This one involves receiving a handheld scanner which you use to scan your daily purchases so they can determine what certain households are purchasing. Then you hook up your little scanner once a week and send off your purchases. Although I thought this would be fun at first (and it was), this does require a bit of work. You have to scan every item you buy all the time. It is easy to scan everything and you earn points for your transmissions, for doing surveys they send you, and for a variety of other things. Prizes are not hard to earn and range from small toys to large electronics and everything in between. The longer you participate in this consumer panel, the more points you get for each transmission which means the bigger the prizes you can get! Check out the details!

Have you tried a survey site you just love and offers great incentives? Share with all of us - we would just LOVE to know because who doesn't love free things?

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