Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just want to note a change and tell you all not to worry!

So I was thinking last night that I didn't want to force you all to do something you didn't want to do.....where am I going with this I know you are asking...

Well I've decided to no longer make it mandatory to become a follower in order to enter my giveaways. Instead if you choose to become a follower (yes now you have a choice!) you will receive 2 extra entries for  each giveaway!

Now don't worry if you already entered and became a follower I will add on 2 extra entries for being a follower.

Why am I doing this?? Well like I said before I want you all to be followers because you like my site and you want to continue reading it not because I told you that you had to. I hope this makes sense!

So hurry over and enter my current Curious Georgia giveaway for an adorable applique t or onesie of your choice (and even of your own design if you want!)!

And we have LOTS more giveaways coming to you because I love sharing with you the wonderful things I have discovered! :)

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