Monday, October 11, 2010

Make It Monday: BabyLegs

So I know you've been out and about and see the adorable babylegs sported by little girls of all ages. Ever checked out the price?? $12 a pair!! Crazy if you ask me. So I decided to make a pair of my own.

First I went to Target and bought 3 pairs of women's knee highs.

This pair I got for free as Target regularly has coupons on their website for $2 off Merona socks which just happened to be the exact price of these socks!

These two pairs of knee highs were on clearance for $1.40 each. They had tons of them so I'm sure they will come down even more in price

Next I took a pair of scissors and cut them just about the ankle.

At this point you have two can finish them off by folding over the edge and throwing in a couple stitches or you can just leave them as they were when you cut them.

And after you put them on they tend to roll over a little bit.
I was fine with the unfinished edge as it was hidden under MGirl's skirt anyway.
They really turned out adorable.

And CMan would like you to know he didn't agree to wearing these but I wanted to show you how adorable they are even on the littlest of babes.

Great to keep those little leggies warm in the colder weather (and of course adorable too!).

Now what to do with that ankle sock you have left:
First off you could wear them as ankle socks.

Or another option (which is what I plan on using them for) is to use them as dusting rags.

All in all I paid $2.40 and MGirl now has 3 pairs of babylegs!

Savings $33.60!

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