Friday, December 3, 2010

What Would You Do.....Friday??

Okay so I was so proud of myself that I got my black friday shopping done online which let me keep the baby bundled up and in bed and the hubby as well.

And although I had great success with everything, I am having problems with one of my orders.

They keep sending me emails saying it is delayed and the last one threatened that it could be cancelled. They already moved the shipping date to mid January. We bought two of these items - one for ourselves and one for a gift. So what would you do?

Cancel the order and look for it elsewhere. Wait and hope and pray that this large reputable company comes through for you.

GRRR!!! I have to say I did a lot of shopping online on Black Friday and this is the only one I haven't received yet. Figures it is the one item I was determined to get on Black Friday.

Decisions Decisions - I also hate to wait and miss just general December savings if I am not going to receive this item. It is something we need so.......hmmmmm.....what would you do??

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