Monday, December 20, 2010


I know if you were around here early on you have heard about Swagbucks before, but many of you are new faces so I wanted to share this information with you again.

Swagbucks is a totally free way to easily earn money by searching the internet. All you have to do is join their site and use their site to search the internet. You can search for all the things you normally search for. Every so often (usually a few times a day) you earn points for your search. Points can then be used to "buy" a lot of different things including gift cards, prizes, etc.

I personally always use my swagbucks to buy gift cards especially Amazon gift cards.

So basically someone is paying you to do your normal online searches. No strings attached!

Really it is a win win situation so head over and sign up. My goal is to earn money for next Christmas with swagbucks. I have heard of people earning thousands of dollars in swagbucks but I would be happy to just make a $100!

Happy searching!

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