Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas cards

So it may make you happy to know that I have been procrastinating in one area of Christmas.....and that is Christmas cards. To give myself credit I have already done my mom's Christmas cards for her, so maybe that is why I haven't jumped on the ball.

Of course part of me was waiting for a deal (in fact the hubby's exact words about not having the Christmas cards yet were "what you haven't found any for free yet?") :P

And although this isn't free its pretty gosh darn close to it so I finally bit the bullet it and ordered. If you are procrastinating with me, I think this is a GREAT deal so go for it!

SeeHere is offering 60 photo cards with envelopes for just $4.90 (+ tax) shipped! 60 cards!! I was planning on buying mine at Costco and they are around $15 for 50 so this is really a steal!

All you have to do is head over to SeeHere either sign up or login.
 Create a 4 x 8 flat Photo Card.
Add 60 cards to your cart.
Then use the promo 50cards and you will see your new final cost go down to just $4.90 (+ tax)!!!

That is seriously a steal! And now I have another item checked off my list (although if you want to volunteer to come address them the job is up for the taking! lol).

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