Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Would You Do Friday UPDATE!

So Friday I was asking your opinion on how you would handle a company telling you an item you previously bought may or may not be delivered to you and it wasn't going to make it to you until a month and half AFTER the expected delivery date.

Well if you know me you know I don't sit around and be quiet (just ask the hubby, ha ha ha). So the first thing I did was call.
Let me tell you that phone call didn't go over to well. I was pleasant but explained I wanted to know whether the item was going to be delivered or not as it was a gift and I needed to buy another gift if I wasn't going to get it all.

Do you know what they said?

Her exact words "Well my records show they are available in stores so why don't you just go buy one from there?"

SO you have them available in stores (which you obviously restocked AFTER black friday since you sold out in hours on black friday) yet you can't deliver me the ones you already sold me and want me to go pay full price for something I already bought on sale.

This didn't settle well with me but the lady insisted she couldn't do anything and didn't have anymore info.

I hung up in a huff but wasn't sure what my next action was going to be.

I then get an email asking me if I was satisified with my phone call and if my problem was resolved. LOL! They asked the wrong person for sure. So I explained the whole situtation and the phone call including their suggestion for me to go to the store (which by the way I have since been to the store and they had at least 8 in stock - craziness).

I didn't hear anything back - shocking I know

BUT today I got my confirmation email saying my presents will be delivered in 3 - 5 business days.

Yes sometimes speaking up gets you the results you want!

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