Friday, December 31, 2010

Macy's Denim Event and Clearance

Macy's always runs great end of year clearance and if you pair that with their demin event you are sure to get some steals.

If you haven't heard of their denim event before, its awesome! Buy anything that is denim and you get a $10 coupon good towards your next purchase. There are some restrictions on the coupon like it can't be used on everyday value items or items that are full priced. But really it doesn't limit you too much. Especially if you want to get the most bang for your buck and pair the deals with clearance. You get the $10 on clearance buys as well as the rest of the jeans so if you can find some clearance demin you are sure to get the items cheap, free or even as money makers.

Here is my haul from last night:

Ended up with 4 pajamas, 11 pairs of paints, 10 shirts and 2 full outfits!
Retail Value of everything: $459.12
My cost: $85.14
Savings: 81.5%

Now let me tell you it took a lot of work to get this deal as you can only use one coupon per transaction which meant I had to do 12 different transactions (one transacation to get me started and then one for each of my 11 $10 off coupons)!!!

The receipts to prove it:

But the lady behind the counter was more then helpful and allowed me to do all my purchases with only suggesting one time that maybe I should come back later. I told her I was shopping without kids a extreme rarity so I wanted to get it all done now! After that she didn't say a word and just kept ringing! :)

I had never shopped this event before (and it is good throughout the whole store not just kids) but I will def. do it again next year. Free or cheap demin - sounds good to me!

The denim event is going on through Jan. 3!

Happy Shopping


  1. So, did you do one purchase and buy 11 denim items? And they gave you 11 coupons? Am I understanding that correctly?

  2. i didn't actually do one big purchase for the jeans....i did them in 7 seperate transactions.. one for the first pair to get the 10 dollars and then some of the ones i had i could use the 10 dollars off on as they were clearance jeans so i combined them with the ones i couldn't use the 10 dollars off on (the everyday value ones). this kept my out of pocket lower. i earned 20 dollars for these orders. in the end i had 50 dollars in coupons after rolling them for the jeans. i then purchased just clothes with the remaining 50 in 5 seperate transactions. does that make sense?