Sunday, December 5, 2010

FREE Games!!

If you didn't get today's paper, GO get it!!! Inside our some great toy coupons that will make three different games FREE!!

First there is $5 off the purchase of Elefun, Gator Golf, Hungry Hungry Hippos, or Pop Goes Froggio game.
Target sells a travel size Hungry Hungry Hippo for just $4.99! Making this game FREE! Walmart also sells this toy for just a little more so you can get it for cheap from them if you don't have a local Target (I think maybe $5.50).

Next there is a $5 off the purchase of Bop It Bounce, Sorry! Spin, Twister Hoopla or U-Build Battleship Game. Toys R Us is having a sale for U-Build Battleship TODAY DECEMBER 5TH ONLY for just $4.99 after a $3 rebate. Use the coupon and again get the toy for free!!

Lastly there is a $5 off the purchase of Funglish, Cranium Scribblish, Scrabble Flash or Pictureka game. Target sells a Pictureka card game - I believe their price is $5.24 so after the coupon just .24

Product Image Hasbro Games Pictureka Card Game
Looks like hubby's angel tree girl from work will be getting a few more games for Xmas as obviously my kiddos are way too little for these games! :)

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