Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Shop Black Friday or Not to Shop Black Friday - That is the Question

The question has been asked of me - is it really worth it to shop black friday or not?

And the answer honestly depends! Ha ha ha!

It depends on what you are looking for if you should be hitting the floor running or should be sleeping in.

There are always some AWESOME deals on black friday (and I'll be highlighting them throughout the next week) but there are also lots of deals that you will be able to get on cyber monday or any other day of the week.

SO if you aren't in the market for the items that are actually a great deal, then stay cozy warm in your bed and stay out of the madness.

I usually go shopping on black friday but I don't mind getting up early and I don't go with the mindset of I am going to be mad if I don't get this or that. I have items I want to get, I go straight to them in the store and I get out of there. This is where a lot of people get bogged down. You need to have a plan. Know what you want (research the ads before hand and then pinpoint down what you want - its helpful to make a list of which item at each store you are going to get). Don't be annoyed or huffy because yes you are going to have to stand in line and yes you will probably not get everything you wanted. This is a great day to make friends with the people in line with you and spread some holiday cheer.

Last year I hit up 4 stores before 8 am - Target, Toys R Us, JoAnn Fabrics, and JcPenney.

Sometimes its good to shop with a crew although I like flying solo as I can get in and out quicker.

What do you think? Do you like shopping on Black Friday or would you rather stay in and skip the madness?

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