Saturday, November 20, 2010

They tried to convert me and I ran....

So for a fleeting second today I thought I wanted to buy something at CVS. This was at 8 pm - they close at 9. So I ran over there, walked around the store, talked to the clerk and left without buying a thing.

On my way home I debated.....should I or should I not make another run to Rite Aid? It is now 8:30 pm, I don't have my coupons I need (shame on me but I wasn't planning this trip at all). I decide I have to do it. So in my head I plan out my shopping list and the coupons I will use (yes I pretty much have Rite Aid ads imprinted in my brain). I run home it takes me 20 minutes to get all the coupons printed, and find the ones in the ads I want. I run out the door at 8:50.

I enter Rite Aid at 8:53, grab a cart and literally run through Rite Aid grabbing the 6 things I just must have from last week's ads - it helps that I know the exact layout of the 4 closests Rite Aids. Of course they are not marked so I am praying I have all the correct sizes of things (I did). I head to the counter and pay $.63 and use $10 in UPRs to buy 2 cereals, a package of diapers, and 3 cosmetics. I receive $9 back in UPRs which essentially means I spent $1.63 for the 6 items I purchased.

CVS may have tried to convert me for a split second but I ran and Rite Aid. :)

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