Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lowes 90% off back today

So if you tried to score Lowes 90% off Friday morning you know their site crashed.

Yesterday they started it back up again on facebook and although their were a few snags at first they finally got there act together and rolled out a few 90% off coupons.

Today at 3 pm 2 pm (changed the time on me!) they are starting up the game again.

Head over and wait for a link to be posted. When it is, click the link, type in your email and wait. It takes a few hours to find out if you won or not. But hey its all in fun.

Last night they offered some very limited quanitities of items (25 and 50) so it was VERY difficult to score a deal. But I am hoping they are going to offer a little more of some items as they previously promised more then 5000 90% off codes.

I did indeed score a Kitchen Aid mixer at 90% off and am super excited!

Hopefully I can score something else tonight! Please let me know if you won - it is so very exciting!


  1. It says on their FB page that it starts at 2:00pm!

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